Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 9- May 19th #Memories

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, take a moment to reflect on all the memories you have created with your class. For many of you this has been a year of learning and overcoming challenges unanticipated, but remember this is a year you will never forget. Through highs and lows you have left an impression on your students. Take the last few weeks you have of the year and enjoy your time with your students. This time will fly by faster than you know, so make the most of it!

Dates & Details
May 15-18 Amy out ELPAC scoring- Julie Torres filling in
May 16-17 GLAD training in library (library closed)
May 17 PIP preview with Star teachers at staff meeting 8:00 in Maria's room
May 24 No staff meeting
May 25 Minimum Day  Open House 5:00-6:30pm- Star only
May 26 Minimum Day & PIP Presentations- all NCS (1-1:30 ice cream, 1:30-2 awards, 2-3:10 presentations)
May 29 No School
May 31 Julie & Amy off campus
May 31 Talent show in the evening
June 2 Talent show school performance (all kinders come in AM/kinder assessment in PM)
June 8  Report cards go home
June 9 Minimum Day Star Only - Last day of school (Field Day!)
June 12 Teacher work day
June 13 SUMMER!

Link to Star Academy 2016-17 calendar
Link to NCS 2017-18 calendar (minimum days for 2017-18 not yet added)

Have a great week!

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