Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 8-12 Sliding into home!

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Wow! It's the last week of school! Have a great week!

June 8 Jennifer off campus in the morning
June 8 2:00-2:45 Bullock play
June 9 10:30-11:00 TK performance
June 9 2:00- 2:45 Rohrbacker Play
June 10th- Staff meeting: review feedback and staff breakfast- no need to bring anything unless you are bringing treats :) Here is the signup sheet 
June 10 2:00-2:45 2nd grade play Life Cycles!
June 10 Kinder field trip
June 11- Report cards go home
June 11th- Moving On and Muffins 8:15-9:15 5th grade celebration
June 11th Rock your PD! Click here to view info 3:30-4:30 Make & Take Math Workshop (we did some shopping!) we'll meet in the staff lounge
June 12th: Last day of school -- picnic 

June 12th- all ELA data needs to be entered by this date, copy of report cards in cum folders (including copy of SST notes if applicable)
August 4th -- 1st day back! 9:00-12:45

End of year checkout 

June 12th after school if you are ready
June 18th and 19th 8-3

Before you leave for the summer, please clear walls, table tops, and desks. Please leave your room so that it can be deep cleaned this summer. Bulletin boards you will reuse may be left up. Pets and plants should go home, and all food will be tossed in the fridge on June 12th.

Also, any shared storage spaces must be neat and organized before leaving for the summer, no later than June 19th. Please check the center storage space in the gym for anything you may want- that space will be cleaned out this summer. 

Have a great week!