Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 16th-31st #makeawish #happyspring

As we are entering spring in the coming weeks, we would like to grant you a wish of more time! One gift of time we can offer you is the ability to have only two teachers from your grade level out at Walking Wednesdays every week, allowing you and your grade level partners to switch on and off each week. We would also like to give you more time at the end of the day by having you walk your class out then taking turns with your grade level partners for who will watch your grade level students each day at pickup. Please complete the google doc here with your schedule for who will be supervising during walking Wednesdays and after school duty. Please make sure that if you are absent during your scheduled supervision that you find someone to fill your spot. We hope you enjoy your extra time! As soon as it's complete the change can start :) Thank you for all you do!

Dates & Details
March 21 Star Academy Lottery
March 22 PIP meetings
March 22/23/24 Angel Island Lucky/Assante (Jennifer gone with Lucky's class)
March 24-31 Book Fair (library closed)
March 29 no meeting 
March 30 Lunch with Mrs. Kloczko- celebrate reading!
Progress reports to go home April 7 (only for students at risk of not meeting end of year standard)
Apr 10th- 17th Spring Break
April 24-28 CAASP Testing grades 3-5
April 28 no minimum day
May 8 Minimum Day (changed from 4/28) Star only
May 11 Touch of Understanding- 4th grade assembly rotations 8:40-11:35 (lunch schedule will change to 11:35-- a swap with 3rd grade)
May 11 Angel Island- Rohrbacker
Minimum Day 5/25 Open House- Star only
Minimum Day 5/26 PIP- all NCS
May 29 No School
June 8  Report cards go home
June 9th- Minimum Day Star Only - Last day of school (Field Day!)

Link to Star Academy 2016-17 calendar
Link to NCS 2017-18 calendar (minimum days for 2017-18 not yet added)

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  1. Thank you fairy godmothers for granting our wishes for more time!