Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 29-September 2nd #weekonedone!

First day!
5th grade Star In Motion

Congratulations on a fabulous first week of school! This will be a year of many firsts as a team, for our campus, and for our kids! I was trying to decide if I had a favorite, and I think something Jan posted somewhere would be it: I'm paraphrasing because I can't find it, but it was about our school coming to life when the kids arrived! The buildings are beautiful and the spaces and touches amazing, but it's really the people who make it magical. Thank you for all you do to make Star Academy such an incredible place! 

Dates & Details
August 29th - Art & Spanish start this week! Click here to view the schedule
August 29 & 30 - TK & K BEST Rotations Click here to view schedule

August 31st- Grade level meeting time 8:00-9:00 (IEP TI, JT)
September 1st - 7:30-8:10 grade level work time (see agenda here)
August 31st Workout Wednesday! Here is the walking schedule:
3rd-5th grades 9:40-10:10
1st and 2nd grades 10:15-10:45
TK/Kinder 11:05-11:35

September 1- September 20 CELDT testing (schedule to come)
September 5 Labor day- no school
September 7th - Star Grand Opening / Ribbon Cutting (info to follow)
September 12-15 GLAD demo in Brooke's room (Jacqui, Teresa, Rori)
September 26th - Minimum day (Intervention group planning / data dig
October 7-11 Fall break
November 1 minimum day
November 7-10 Parent conferences (minimum days)
November 11 Veteran’s day- no school
November 21-25 Thanksgiving break

Differentiation Schedule
8:30-8:50 Star In Motion (no groups 1st-5th)


1st grade 9:00-9:30
2nd grade 10:30-11:00
5th 11:35-12:05 
4th 12:10-12:40
3rd grade 2:00-2:30


Our grade level differentiation blocks will not begin until October, but we wanted to provide you with the schedule in advance. Your times are based on the preferences provided last year, and you'll notice that one change is that 4th and 5th have separate times. Also, they only run three days a week. On Wednesdays and Fridays, Jan will be available to support you with assessment needs or to provide more intense support. Jose Flores will support pull out sped students during all blocks with the exception of 3rd as he is only on our campus in the mornings. He will work with 3rd grade to schedule pull outs for your students. We will discus this in detail on the 26th of September. In the meantime, Jan will be available starting next week (September 8th) to asses new students for ELA (fluency and BPST 1st & 2nd) during these times. Jessica Benz will provide support to 1st grade during their block. 

Each week in this blog, we will feature something to do with reading! Something new this year will be monthly read-alouds --one book read aloud to our whole school. Amy and I will be choosing a book to read to each class on our whole school. We are so excited! This will kick off in September. Reading really is our super power. Leave a comment on the blog! What are you reading?